How we at ‘FNK Legal’ can help

“Reclaiming control of your situation begins with reaching out and sharing your story with us! Concerned about debt? Numerous debt management services promise financial control, but FNK presents a distinctive alternative to formal debt solutions. Our process wraps up in just 12 months, and many clients find they never have to repay their debts afterward.”

Do I need Consumer Rights Advice?

There are extensive laws governing how companies must treat individuals when lending money. These laws are intricate and often challenging to grasp, which is where our expertise becomes invaluable. If you want assurance that debt collectors are treating you fairly, we can provide essential consumer rights advice.

Our approach is grounded in consumer protection law, guaranteeing every individual the following rights:

You have the right not to pay any money unless you are certain you owe it and the company can prove it. Companies claiming you owe them money are exercising legal rights against you, similar to a court case. You possess legal rights, which must be safeguarded. Like any legal claim, you have the right to defend yourself. You have the right to seek legal consumer rights advice and be represented by an expert in consumer rights law—these companies cannot reject expert representation on your behalf.”

I’m in a Debt Management Plan, can you help?

it is crucial to fully comprehend your legal rights and take necessary actions to safeguard them, especially concerning debt matters. Never make payments to a company demanding money unless you are absolutely certain they can prove your indebtedness.

“If you’re currently managing your debts through a professional 3rd party agent namely a debt management company then it’s crucial you discuss your options with us. We may be able to significantly reduce your debt burden within 12 months. While debt management can be a valuable initial step toward regaining control, our experience reveals that these companies often fail to verify the legitimacy of your debt claims. Many clients could have remained in debt management for years, paying off sums that creditors couldn’t substantiate. We ensure you don’t have to repay these questionable ‘debts’ again.” .

Has my IVA been mis-sold?

“This is a hot topic right now, although a full assessment will be required to ascertain this point in law, we can only assume under the regular sales process and standard practices that none of your debts would have undergone the rigorous S.L.A.P that FNK Legal offer.

We can assist you if you require IVA support for your existing arrangement. On average a third of all IVA’s statistically will fair during the currency of their plans. In our experience, IVAs often prove unsuitable for individuals due to their escalating costs or failure to deliver the promised debt reduction. The good news is that there’s a way to terminate an IVA, although this decision carries consequences we’re willing to discuss. If terminating doesn’t feel right for you, there are alternatives.

We’ve worked with clients in terminating their IVAs. Subsequently, we’ve contested the payments made to companies, substantially reducing the owed debt. In most cases our service is more cost effective than many IVA’ fee paying services.

Can you help me get rid of debt?

Our mission revolves around eliminating false debt claims. With a proven track record of successfully challenging our clients’ alleged debts, we can provide a reliable assessment of your potential debt reduction. It’s important to note that each case is unique, and outcomes are not guaranteed. We understand the need for reassurance, see our money back promise. When you embark on this journey with us, we assure you fixed fees, ensuring our service will never exceed the cost set out from the beginning.

Money back promise

Out promise to you is, we will reduce your level of indebtedness by more than the amount our service cost, in the unlikely event were unable to reduce your debt by more than the amount charged for the service we will refund any money back at the end of the service period. This assurance ensures that by leveraging our specialised legal expertise and standing up against unjust and illegal claims, you won’t face any financial setbacks or be out of pocket