If you’re dealing with challenges in managing your debts, our friendly team at FNK Legal is here to help with our statutory legal audit plan (“SLAP”). This plan is designed to make your journey to financial relief smoother by either reducing or eliminating your debts. The best part is that once successful, these accounts will vanish from your credit file, leaving no trace.

At FNK Legal, our dedicated legal experts are committed to providing you with consumer rights advice and representation. We understand that navigating debts can be overwhelming, and that’s why we’re here to guide you through the process.

“The Consumer Credit Act 1974” and its associated regulations acts as a protective shield for consumers, outlining essential protections for debtors. This legislation as well other laws ensures that you are safeguarded, and failure by the original lender or debt purchaser to comply with its provisions can result in credit agreements or other regulatory documents becoming unenforceable. This, in turn, means you may not be held liable for interest and penalty charges in case of a breach.

It’s important for companies purchasing debts to validate their authority before taking legal action against consumers under the relevant Act. Our legal team is here to perform a thorough statutory legal audit, challenging creditors, debt collectors and debt buyers on the debts they claim you owe. If any breaches are identified, there’s a good chance that your debt could be either written off or reduced, providing you with a real legal solution. Let us assist you in achieving financial peace of mind by giving your debt a SLAP!